The Fox And The Cow

A little fox ventured into the field
to visit the neighborhood cattle.
He spotted one grazing all by itself
And thought he'd engage in a battle.

But the fox was so small and the cow was so big
that it really was no surprise when
the cow turned around and charged at the fox
who turned tail and ran back to its den.


I saw the whole thing this morning, as I looked out the window in the nursery (W is so lucky to be growing up where he gets to see so many different types of animals out his bedroom window, isn't he?). I posted something about it on the facebook, and a friend said it sounded like a nursery rhyme. Inspired, I wrote one this afternoon before getting started on organizing our 2009 tax return.

I finished organizing all the documentation for interest and dividend income, and started work double-checking all the capital gains entries. Good grief, I made a lot of trades last year. I've been way less active this year (thanks to the intensive neurofeedback, I lost my regular trading schedule and am not sure I'll be able to get it back).

I'll try to finish up the return over the weekend, since that's T's natural time to spend with W. Although it seemingly nearly killed T to spend 3.5 hours with the boy this afternoon, and W was being good today, so I don't know if I'll really get the time I need to finish the tax return.

W and I had a lot of fun this morning at yoga, he's getting really good at blowing the feather, and was generally uninhibited and happy today, dancing around and joining in with most of the animal poses.

He also rode on the carousel at the far end of the downtown mall by himself! I put him on a few months back, but had to walk around while holding him on, since he didn't seem to understand how tightly he needed to hold on himself. But today I sat him on a horse, and I could tell he was holding onto the pole very tightly, so I gave him a tentative little spin to see how he'd handle it, and he did fine. So I spun him around many times, and fast, and he enjoyed that quite a bit. We'll probably make this a regular little treat when we go downtown from now on.