TWO Flat Tires

I was out with W yesterday morning for his 18-month follow-up exam with the NICU folks. They tested him for about an HOUR, and while he did fine, we were both hungry by the time that was over. It was a really beautiful day, so I decided to take him out to lunch. I found a metered spot at the Corner and fed the meter, but when I walked back around to the back seat to get W out, I heard a hissing sound coming from one of the back tires. #$%#$%.

I immediately got back in the car and drove directly to the nearest tire shop, a few blocks down Main St. Then W and I walked all the way back to the Corner for lunch. I was wearing new shoes, figuring I'd break them in on a day I didn't have far to walk. So much for that, and the blisters aren't too bad, so while not ideal it could have been worse. The tire guy found a little tiny screw embedded way deep into the tire, they said it was small so it was hard to find, but they got it out and patched it up.

This afternoon, we took a family trip to the DQ on the way to the grocery, but what do you think happened as soon as we parked at the DQ? Yup, I got out, and this time the tire hissing was the rear tire on the driver's side (yesterday the one on the passenger's side was the problem). We could see the big screw in this one, so again, no snack. T drove directly to the local tire shop here, and we got in just minutes before they closed. Fortunately (well, unfortunately, since we go through a lot of tires this way) they know him, and changed our tire on the spot before closing up. We have a full-size spare, so that's on now, they ordered a new one for us so we've got to take the car in again tomorrow morning.

I'm getting pretty mad about all these screws out on the road. The first thing that came to T's and my mind is that they're falling off the construction trucks at one of our more distant neighbor's (about 1 mile away) home (where there is a major construction project ongoing). But who knows, they could be anywhere. Maybe W and I will take a walk out that way tomorrow, to just see if maybe there is a whole box of screws got dumped out into the gravel somewhere. They're gray like the gravel, it's not like we'd be able to see them from a car.