Flu-Prevention Omelets

I got my flu shot today, and now my arm hurts. It hurt when I got it last year, too. No wonder I skipped them for most of my adult life. I'm only getting them now since we have a baby at home. Maybe once he's older, we'll slack off again. We really aren't at a huge risk for it, living way out here on the farm.

When I was filling out the forms so I could get the shot, the pharmacist made sure to disclose that the shot is made from eggs, and that I shouldn't get it if I'm allergic to eggs.

So what just occurred to me now, if the flu vaccine is suspended in eggs, why can't I just eat it? How about having flu-prevention omelets instead of shots? Or would that just move the pain from my arm to my stomach? And if there is a problem with cooking the eggs, then how about some flu-prevention cookie dough? That'll keep the eggs raw, and would be much easier to take than a shot.

I wonder if this is just another instance of the medical establishment doing things they way they have always been done before, even though there are better alternatives available now.