I've been using GoDaddy to to both manage my domain and host my site for about a year now. I haven't had any problems until trying to get this redesigned site live.

This is the first dynamic site I've ever created, and I'm no database expert. I've pretty much muddled my way through the whole process, and figured I had configured something wrong when I set the whole thing up on the live server yesterday but got only a blank page at my url.

I figured out the main problem today--that I had signed up for Windows hosting, but GoDaddy only supports PHP script on Linux hosting. I didn't know I was going to create a dynamic site when I signed up last year, and feared my lack of planning would be difficult to resolve now that I needed Linux. I decided to call GoDaddy tech support to find out what they recommended.

Despite it being 9am on a Sunday morning, tech support was on duty and very helpful. I wasn't even on hold for a minute when someone picked up. After I explained my situation, they talked me through switching my Windows server to a Linux server using their online controls (it was ridiculously easy), and confirmed that I wouldn't even have to reconfigure my database or anything. They warned it could take up to 72 hours.

I left it alone for the rest of the day, but by evening my curiosity got the better of me and I checked my site. To my surprise, it was already up and running! I thought it really would take a day or two for them to switch my site to a new server, so I was really impressed.

True to their word, I didn't have to reconfigure a thing in either my database or the site script used to access the database--everything transferred over flawlessly.

So this is a customer-service success story. Even though I'm paying next to nothing to have my website hosted (I'm on the "Economy" plan), GoDaddy tech support quickly and competently helped me solve my problem, and I am a happy customer.