Motivation, Thy Name Is Sleep

Starting late last week, I began having less and less motivation every day. Ordinarily I'm no ball of fire, but it was getting particularly bad-- I hadn't felt like cooking for days, and by Monday of this week I didn't even feel like getting up off the sofa.

Then I slept for twelve hours. Monday night, I was so tired, I fell asleep right after W went to bed, and I slept straight through to morning. On Tuesday, I was a new woman. I still wasn't anything approaching productive, but I was able to get up and go about my day and take care of my family.

I guess I had overlooked the fact that I had skipped my afternoon nap for several days last week while working on taxes, and in addition to that, W had been getting up several times per night for several nights in a row (I'm guessing another tooth was coming in, although I'm not totally sure, I'm afraid I've lost track of them all). So my motivation was declining as my sleep deficit was accumulating, I just didn't notice that the lack of sleep was the problem. Until an extra-long sleep restored me.

Today I tried to take a nap, but it was difficult. I took W out to play this morning, then we ate lunch, but when he fell asleep in the car after that, I figured I'd try to sleep in the car, too, since there was still some shopping I wanted to get done.

I got about 15 minutes of nap in before W woke up (after 20 minutes of his own sleep). We were parked, so I went in the back seat and took him out of his carseat and tried to get him to fall asleep on my shoulder. He was having none of it. But he was fairly content to sit in my lap and fiddle with the maps and stuff in the seat back and look out the window at the rain. I actually wound up falling back to sleep and only woke up to the sound of tearing paper (W apparently was through reading the map). I think I must have been out about 30 minutes, I'm really surprised W amused himself for that long. But I wasn't asleep-asleep since he was wiggling around and I was holding on to him so he wouldn't crawl all over the car, so I don't feel as well-rested as if we'd slept at home. He actually did sleep for about another hour once we got home at 4pm, but I just read the paper. I figured if I took a nap then I wouldn't feel like cooking dinner when I woke up.

But now that I know I really need a lot of sleep in order to function well, I'll try harder to not skip my own afternoon nap. I seem to do better when I nap during the day rather than sleeping longer at night. Because if I go to bed early at night, sometimes I just wake up at 2am or whatever and have a hard time going back to sleep. But it's been really easy for me to fall asleep right after lunch. . .