Didn't Finish The Monkey Yet

I might have finished W's monkey costume in time for the Halloween event downtown today if I had gotten a nap yesterday, but a number of events conspired to deprive me. So I was so tired by 9pm last night that the costume was nothing more than a few bits of fabric cut out but not sewn up. It would have been too ambitious of me to attempt to get it all done before 2pm today, so I went with Plan B.

We took T out to Cracker Barrel for a big birthday breakfast this morning, and swung by the WalMart on the way home to get a few groceries and a skeleton costume (it's really pajamas, but way less expensive than the official costumes and I figured fine for a back-up costume. It's not really Halloween yet!).

After W's (and mine, and T's) nap, we all headed downtown. W had a pretty good time, I think. He got to trick-or-treat at the businesses. He didn't say "trick or treat" but it didn't take him long to figure out how to grab candy out of a bowl and put it in a sack. He was mesmerized by all the little girls dressed as fairies and princesses. I have a video of him interacting with one, if you're lucky I might eventually get around to posting it online, but I'm too tired tonight.

Despite the cows getting loose this evening and T having to go out and try to chase them all back inside the fence even as the babysitter was arriving (I also have video of this, it was pretty funny to watch), we still made it to dinner at Fossett's in time for our reservation. Four cows are still on the loose, but T got the electric wire working again, and all the calves are enclosed so hopefully the mothers will stay nearby and not wander too far from them.