Monkey Suit Progress

T jolted me out of my procrastination about W's costume. I had most of the pieces cut out, but I hadn't started stitching yet. When T asked me if I wanted to watch TV tonight I glumly shook my head no, and when he asked why, I said because I had to sew that costume. Of course, I wasn't sewing it at the time, I was sitting in the upstairs lounge, frozen in dread at the prospect.

Even though I knew it really wouldn't be that bad. I'd read through the instructions over the weekend before I started cutting the fabric, and although there were many steps, still, it's not that big a deal.

So I figured since I was putting T off his shows I'd better get going on the project, so I set up the sewing machine and got started. So far I've stitched the front pieces and the back pieces together, made the ears, sewed on the tummy inset, and attached the neck band.

Tomorrow I'll have to sew on the arms, and the arm and leg cuffs, and make the hood. If I have time to make the hat and vest, I'll do that too, otherwise that will get done another day. It is an awfully ambitious costume, but I still think it's going to turn out as cute as I envisioned, which will hopefully make all this worthwhile.

Mostly I'm doing this for T and me, of course. I think W will get a great kick out of looking like a monkey, but probably not as much fun as we'll have looking at him. And I get the added benefit of knowing I am getting all sorts of mom extra-credit for making his costume myself. He will be the lone fabulous monkey amongst a sea of box-store costumes when we go trick-or-treating on The Lawn. W won't even notice how great he'll look, but I'll notice, and be pleased with myself.