Main Monkey Nearly Done

Hopefully today's sewing was the worst of it. Putting in the velcro wasn't hard once I gave up trying to figure out what the @#$ they were talking about in the instructions. I wound up sewing the velcro into the suit in a way that was intuitive to me, and it seems to be fine.

When I was sewing on the sleeves, I found myself thinking that rather than being annoyed by sleeves every single time I sew them into a garment, perhaps I should just embrace the challenge of easing in fullness evenly and creating a perfect sleeve. Unfortunately, this thought occurred to me too late for this project, since I was already annoyed. Next time.

But compared to sewing on little itty-bitty baby stretch cuffs on the sleeve, the armhole was nothing. Wow, it was tricky to get those little cuffs on right! As it is, the stitching is somewhat weird and uneven if you look closely, but fortunately a close inspection won't be necessary. From the outside, covered by fur, they look great. I suspect that sewing these little cuffs wouldn't be so bad if I was using regular clothing fabric, part of the difficulty came from sewing a knit cuff onto long fur. And there is probably a learning curve, so if I did this another couple dozen times, I'd get the hang of it. But the first cuff was so difficult, I took a break and sewed the elastic into both legs before I went back to attempt the second cuff.

After I finished the main bodysuit part of the costume, I started on the hood. I've sewn the fur part, but gave up for the night before I finished sewing the lining together. I had been thinking that I wasn't sure I would make a costume from fur again in the future. But boy am I glad I wasn't sewing anything with the lining fabric I got! It's horrible to work with. It stretches out of shape and slips around. But I'm not obsessing over it, it's just a lining, and this isn't exactly going to be an everyday outfit. I only have one more seam to go on the lining before I stitch it to the main hood, but I decided to just let it go until tomorrow. It will probably seem less daunting when I'm fresh. That worked for the velcro today-- it was partially the reason I quit working when I did last night, those instructions were just incomprehensible. But today, I had the presence of mind to just realize they were bad instructions and I'd have to figure it out for myself, which was pretty easy when I wasn't tired.

It won't take long tomorrow to finish the hood, then the basic monkey costume will be complete, and W could wear that out, in a pinch. But the reason this particular costume is SO cute, is that the monkey is in a costume himself. He's wearing a little red vest and a tasseled fez, so I really do want to complete those. The costume for the costume. But W will be so cute!

I'll make him try on the costume tomorrow. It better fit!