Monkey Done!

Phew! I finally got that monkey suit done! It's not that I had to put in that many more hours today, but since I had my ballet lesson this evening it pushed everything back. I usually put W to bed after ballet to give T a break (from watching him for an entire hour and a half. . .), which wouldn't have been too bad except that W wasn't in the mood to go to bed. At 8:30pm, after I'd been in the nursery for 1 hour (usually W is sound asleep by 8pm) I had to get T to come back and relieve me so I could eat since I hadn't had dinner yet and was starving. So I didn't even start sewing until 9pm.

The hood was actually a bit of a pain because of that darn slippery lining, but I banged it out. I discovered it's not the easiest thing in the world to make a fez, despite it looking like it would be easy to make. The vest would have been easier if the rickrack I bought didn't have so many defective patches. Whoever heard of defective rickrack? Well, beware, if you ever get metallic rickrack-- it was all melted and misshapen in parts, so it took me kind of a long time to find a single good section that would be large enough to go around the vest. And even then, it didn't go all the way around the vest, so I had to use another piece along the back and fold it under and match it up and all that jazz. The "guarantee" on the rickrack said that if any project is rendered unsuitable do a defect in the rickrack, return the project with the defective rickrack on it, and the company will reimburse you for your labor and materials. But who would make a project with bad rickrack? That's crazy! Hmmmm, except I do have all those bad sections, perhaps I'll make something small out of otherwise unused fabric scraps and use the defective rickrack, and then return it to them. At the least they'll send me enough dough to get back the money I spent on rickrack.

W will wear his costume to baby yoga tomorrow morning, so I'll take some photos of him. He'll also wear it on Halloween, of course. And if there is anywhere else to parade him around this weekend, he'll have it on then, too. It's not like it's going to fit him any other year. . .