Nicest Weather of the Year

I think today (October 28) was the nicest day of the whole year, weather-wise. The sun was warm, the breeze was cool, and the sky was a brilliant blue. The trees are at their fall color peak, and the leaves were blowing down gently in the breeze all over town.

W and I were at Pen Park early this afternoon, and he was fascinated by the show of the falling leaves. We have a lot of evergreens here on the farm, so I can't think of a place we go here where there are rows of hardwoods. Even on our walks, there are more evergreen trees (mostly cedars/junipers and Virginia pine) than hardwood trees. But at Pen Park, there is a long row of mature hardwoods along the edge of the parking lot, and the wind was blowing the leaves down. So when we were standing there in the grass under the trees, leaves were falling down all around us, like snow. It was very pretty.

After we came home and took our afternoon nap, the weather was still perfect. So I put a blanket down in the sun in the front field, and we spent the rest of the afternoon outside, too. T came and joined us after a while, he had been working in his garden. He's got some scheme to have fresh tomatoes over the winter; although I have my doubts, he just loves all his gardening experiments and is always finding new ideas online.

I'm so glad I was able to spend much of the day outside, I'm going to remember how beautiful it was for a long time. Today will be the day I hold in my mind over the long gray days of winter. This wonderfully warm day in late fall.