Last Harvest of The Season

We've had frost for several nights now, but until last night, the plants had been doing fine despite the frost. But this morning, all the vegetable plants in the garden were severely wilted. This afternoon I harvested everything from the pepper plants. I couldn't find my camera, so took a photo with my new phone but I don't know how to get the photos off the phone right now. I wound up getting several dozen peppers, plus a bunch of jalepenos. Together with what I already put up this summer, it's probably enough peppers to get me through the winter.

There are a lot of green tomatoes on the vines, but I didn't have time to bring them in before it was time to leave to go to a friend's photography exhibition. Hopefully they'll be fine overnight, and I'll bring them in tomorrow. Although we already have baskets and baskets of tomatoes in the house, some green, some ripe.

I spent an hour or so tonight cutting up peppers-- I froze the bell peppers, and am dehydrating the jalepenos. I'm debating whether to go back down and process some more, or to just go to bed early. I'm leaning toward an early bedtime. . .