Bust A Move Cover

Ah, what the internet enables us to do nowadays. I heard Young MC's song Bust A Move on the radio the other day, and thought that would be a good song for Terry and I to cover with our band Roger More. The band is just a duo, Terry and me, in case you missed any mention of this in previous posts.

Anyway, in the olden days, I'd pull out the CD and use the "repeat" button on the CD player, and listen and figure out the bass part as I played along. It would be very tedious and take a long time since I'm not great at that, but it would be a good cover when I was done.

But now you can just look up the tab on the internet (not that it's going to be correct, but it's usually a decent way to get started on the task, and sometimes the tab is very good). Even better, there are now VIDEOS on YouTube showing people covering the song. So you can just look at their fingers and do that. Even easier than deciphering tab, depending on the video.

The problem with this is that you can really get sucked into checking out way too many different cover versions of a song. It's fun and entertaining, but in the olden days you would be spending that time actually playing the song YOURSELF. In an effort to stop the clock on the useless part of this project, I will not look at another video until after I actually pick up the bass myself and learn at least one riff from the song.