Geekiest Video Game Ever

I cannot believe I sat through this entire brain surgery simulation. I think it took at least 20 minutes to get through (although now I have a promising career as a neurosurgeon, per the animated doctor!).

At one point, Terry came in and asked if I was having fun. I really wasn't. It was more like watching a train wreck, you just have to look. Except it was mostly dull. But extremely novel. You have to pick up a scalpel and cut into the scalp, put some orientation screws into the skull, clean the area, put these towers up there, choose paths for the probe. It was just bizarre.

It's vaguely like a video game, because you have to do things. But I guess it's supposed to be educational? Is this how medical schools are training neurosurgeons now? Bizarre.

Here's the link to the Deep Brain Stimulation game. Let me know what you think.