Back Home Again After Long Drive

I never did figure out what my password to this site is, so once again I couldn't post any updates from the road. But we were only gone for a few days, so there's not too much to report.

The drive each way from home to the Thorsen's was about 9.5 hours including stops to eat and run around. Mostly it was William who needed to run around, T and I would've gone through much faster if it were just the two of us. While this is not a trip to be taken lightly, it wasn't too bad, either. I think it helps that both T and I are veterans of frequent, long car trips. It does make the trip seem longer when the conversation is not between T and me, but merely one of us narrating, "Look at the trees! . . .There's a gray SUV! . . .There's a yellow billboard!" ad nauseum to W, trying to engage him so he wouldn't whine with boredom and try to bust out of his carseat.

It's getting late, more updates over the weekend.