Slight Cold Causes Blog Update Delays

I think I caught a cold somewhen around the time of our trip to SC. I've been feeling especially rundown since we got back. Tired, lacking motivation, irritable. But no bad cold symptoms otherwise. I started sneezing several days ago (this seems to be how colds start for me) and I told T then that I thought I had something, but he dismissed my diagnosis. But starting today my nose has been running, and T asked me if I had a cold. Duh. But really, as colds go, so far this one hasn't been bad. Except for the fatigue. I was tired a lot before I caught this cold, but I always felt refreshed after my afternoon nap. Not so lately. I'm just tired all day.

This afternoon, W only took a 1.5 hour nap, and that still wasn't enough for me. This is the 2nd time this week that he's shortchanged his nap, and thus, mine. So I resorted to the free babysitter lurking in our home, the TV. W watched a good portion of The Little Mermaid before T came in from building another cat house and took over with W until we left for dinner.

The ADD manifests in a certain lack of motivation in the best of times, and it's really bad when I'm unable to rest well. Laundry day was yesterday, and I completely blew it off. Today, I made an effort and wound up putting away some clean items from last week, but I only washed one load of diapers, nothing else. If I was feeling fine I'd have done my usual 4 or more loads and gotten nearly everything done in one day.

And I'm not even motivated to do inactive stuff (like blogging). I have had the motivation to play video games. It's about all I care to do when I'm not feeling well. I usually don't even feel like reading on the days of extreme motivation loss. Fortunately, I saw the writing on the wall several days ago (that this was shaping up to be a "lost" week due to this slight illness), and bought a bunch of prepared foods when I went grocery shopping.

I guess I'll just continue to try to take it easy. It rained all day today, but fortunately it was just misting this morning so I was able to take W out for a 1 mile walk at least. He's otherwise been cooped up in the house. Yesterday was cold, but we had a short playtime at the park between his doctor visit and the grocery store. Hopefully the weather will be better tomorrow, and we'll get a little more outdoor time in the afternoon. Last time I took him down the hill to our new "park", I was able to sit on the chaise while he played nearby. I'm still evaluating the sightlines down there, so I'll know where exactly to set up the official sitting area. It's got to be somewhere where I can always see what W is up to, and so it's contingent upon where W likes to play, and we're still discovering this. There is still no retaining wall or other much landscaping to speak of, so it will be easier in the spring when the borders are planted.