3 Hour Nap Did It

I was up at 7am with W this morning, which is early. Not that W doesn't usually wake up at 7, but usually he comes into our room and plays quietly until we feel like getting out of bed. I generally get up and go into the nursery, since I can get my seasonal sunlight treatment by lying in the guest bed for 45 minutes or so while the sun shines directly in. But today there was no sun, and W kept signing to me that he was hungry and thirsty, so I just got up and fixed him breakfast. We left for our walk at 8:10am, which is generally around the time we're just starting to have breakfast.

Fortunately, this early morning helped W get tired for his nap a little earlier than usual, so we had a snack around 10am and then napped at 11am.

We slept for THREE HOURS. It was lovely. W wasn't even fidgety, he slept soundly next to me. I slept soundly for three hours, W actually slept for another 30 minutes after me. Nice.

Unlike the previous days, where I was still tired after taking a one or two hour nap, I actually did feel great after my nap today. I might have to try going to bed a little earlier to see if I can get back to feeling good after a 2-hour nap, since this three-hour thing was a total fluke.

This afternoon, I did have enough energy and motivation to go through all the mail that has piled up since August. Found a few bills that were due or past due, paid them, took out a bunch of tax papers to file. I didn't file anything-- my motivation didn't extend that far, but I did log onto my bank to pay the bills. And I did another load of laundry. If I only wash one load per day, I really don't think I'll be able to keep up. Already I'm just putting W in clean play clothes to sleep since he's out of clean pajamas.

But I feel like my cold has nearly run its course, hopefully I'll be able to catch up with everything next week. I also got W to sleep before 7pm tonight, and T is out to dinner with his friends. It's been very relaxing to have a quiet house to myself all evening. I even set up the gas fireplace for the season, and read the paper down in the parlor where it was cozy.