Whimsical Evening Snow

There have been snow clouds high overhead since Thursday night, but no snow. Until this evening! It started snowing just as I was leaving church around 6:30pm. I don't know why, but I was positively giddy to see it. I had stayed after Mass a few minutes talking to people, so the parking lot wasn't crowded when I went outside, and I held out my tongue to catch snowflakes during the walk to my car. So fresh, so cold!

I often swing by the grocery store after church, but since I was on my own tonight I was driving the pickup truck, which doesn't handle particularly well in the snow, so I decided to go straight home since it's a 20-minute drive and there was no telling at that point if it had already been snowing out in Crozet for longer than it had been in town.

The drive home was downright enjoyable. It was already dark by that point, so everyone had their headlights on, illuminating the snow. The snow was just falling lightly, so it wasn't treacherous or anything, just pretty. As I drove home, the snowflakes all whooshed past my windshield, so that I imagined I was piloting the Millennium Falcon home from church, at warp speed the whole way. That was a fun thing to imagine for an otherwise mundane drive. I much prefer to drive in the daytime, when the beautiful scenery around here pretty much makes every drive a pleasant drive down country lanes (and also much of Rt 250 where we are is quite lovely due to the mountain views). But the snowflakes as seen by the light of the truck headlights were both pretty and dramatic.

There was already 1/4" on the mailbox by the time I got home, although the snow had only just begun to stick to the gravel in a very few places.

Unfortunately, my whimsical mood didn't last much longer after trying to get W to sleep. He didn't fall asleep until rather late for him. I hate that when I leave him with T in the evening but I'm home in time to put him to bed, because those nights he doesn't seem to sleep easily like other nights. Does T give him coffee while I'm out? What the heck does he do to the boy to get him so riled up? I should work out in advance that T should put W to bed those nights I have evening appointments, even if I get home before W is asleep. Because usually those evenings I'm a little tired from the drive home, and those are the very nights I don't have the energy to spend over an hour trying to get W to sleep.