Back To Activities

I started with our baby "activity" schedule this summer when it was too hot to play outside, but slacked off significantly when it finally cooled off in September and October, when we could just go for a walk in the morning or play outside the house or at a nearby park. However, it is now becoming too COLD to go outside in the mornings, so I guess I'll start back up with more defined activities.

Today we went to the Bounce N Play. First I took W to the Michaels' so I could get some red yarn to make a red hat for him. Unfortunately, they didn't have the exact same kind of yarn that I used the other day (in white), so I had to knit a test swatch to check my gauge. But that's ok, I'm used to knitting test swatches now, they are no longer as annoying or daunting as they were when I was first learning to knit. Plus, they give me a sense of what it's like to work with a particular yarn (some is stretchier than others, some frays easily, other yarn knits up really fast, it varies quite a bit).

The Bounce N Play (let's just call it BNP from now on, since we'll probably be going at least once a week during the winter) was more crowded than it was last time I was there, but there was still plenty of room to play. W immediately went to the painting room when we walked in. Once I got his smock on, I just let him loose in the glass room, and he got busy. He was painting very well today, a remarkable advancement since last time we were there over a month ago.

It's not that his painting itself was particularly skilled, he was still just slapping his brush on the wall and dragging it around any which way, but W was much better about the whole process than he was before. Last time, I had to constantly remind him to put the brush end down into the paint pot when he returned the brush (rather than putting it in the pot handle-first); this time, I only had to remind him once or twice. Also this time, he matched the correct color brush to the correct color paint pot when putting the brush away, also a big improvement from last time.

W had a nice painting rhythm worked out for himself-- he'd walk to the table and grab a paintbrush, walk to the wall and paint a few strokes. Then walk back to the table, put the brush away, and walk around to the next side of the table for the next color, then go back to the wall to paint, and repeat. He went around the table using each color in turn for several rotations. He also seemed to be using certain colors on certain walls, but wasn't entirely consistent. It was fun to watch him. Maybe once I build his play house I'll keep some paint out there for him to play with-- outside, in the summer. I like to watch him paint with abandon, but I don't like to imagine him painting with abandon in the house. I'm glad I discovered the BNP so we have a convenient alternative until he gets more refined control over both his motor skills and his impulses. . .

T is working on some project that involves using the jigsaw up in his studio, so I have to keep W away from the entire area, which precludes me doing any laundry today. Mondays just haven't been working out as laundry day as well as I'd hoped. Maybe I'll switch my "official" laundry day to Tuesday. This might work out better, especially once W starts his music class Monday afternoons. I'll try to count on Tuesday being the day I stay home to do laundry. Of course, tomorrow we have to sign some papers at our lawyer's office.

There was a potential problem with our wills since VA law differs from NY law, and our main wills were drawn up while we were living in NYC. But the issue can be fixed with a simple change to our codicils, so we're taking care of that this week. With this change, we should have all the paperwork for estate plan in order (we set up some LLCs earlier in the year), so all that will remain to be done is moving assets around, which we'll do starting in January (we're waiting until then to keep the tax situation as simple as possible so we can file 2010 returns one way, and 2011 returns with the LLCs).