$15 Hat More Like It

OK, so the hat is not going to look just like the one in the book. But I went to Michael's after Mass this evening, and went from bin to bin looking for yarn that would come close to having 138 yards per 100 grams and knit up at 4 stitches per inch. Didn't find anything exactly like that, but there was a sale on Charisma yarn, 2 skeins for $5. It's acrylic, but since W seems to like another hat I knit from acrylic, I'm happy to stick with that (besides, it's WASHABLE!). And getting all six skeins for $15 is rather satisfying, even if the colors are not as bright and nuanced as the $90 yarn would have been. I did a weak little test patch (5" x 1") and discovered I'm at 3.5 stitches per inch instead of four. I'm tempted to not switch to a smaller needle, but just use the instructions for the newborn size, which if I did the math correctly would work out to the correct diameter for an 18-month-old head. I'll have to knit fewer stitches this way, but the hat should still fit W. If not, I guess I could gift it to any one of the younger babies I know.

A friend gave me a very helpful lead on a type of self-striping wool yarn that I'll try as a substitute for the Uruguayan stuff, but I've got to order it online and wait for it to be delivered, and I want to get this new hat underway while I've got knitting momentum. I should be done with this by the time the striped yarn arrives.