Lost In The Blogosphere

This afternoon, I went to watch the other ballet classes perform some class demos (as opposed to a formal recital) this afternoon. It took place in the dance studio here in Crozet where I take lessons. I thought it was very interesting. The first group up were the "pre-ballet" students. Little tiny girls, 5 or 6 years old, something like that. And I was thinking, hmmm, they are doing exercises that look a lot like what we do in the adult beginner class.

Interestingly, I had the same thought with the other levels, too. There was nothing that they did that we do not cover in my class. The only level that did things clearly more advanced than my class was the final group. It was just two students, they looked to be high-school age girls, and when they danced, it was like ballerinas you'd see on stage. And that's what I aspire to. One of the girls even had a somewhat fuller figure than you'd traditionally associate with a ballerina, but she still danced wonderfully. Not that she was overweight in the least, but she did seemed big-boned, very solidly built.

Because this ballet activity overlapped with a party T wanted to attend, I sent him along to the party with W. This left me at home alone most of the afternoon. I had originally fantasized about going out into the field and gathering materials to make a Christmas wreath, but by the time I got home I was somewhat tired, so decided to use the afternoon to just rest.

I've been lounging in bed, surfing the web for about 3 hours now. I discovered a few sites that I just got lost in-- one is It's for "a new generation of parents", whatever that means. Isn't each generation a new generation of parents? And am I really the same generation of parent as the 25-year-olds in the playgroup? Sometimes I think not. Regardless, I've had a lot of fun checking out all the new baby products (and stuff for moms, and articles, and everything).

Another is, she's got crafts and links and reviews and all sorts of cool stuff. Each post is chock full of other links, each of which could send me off to further minutes of surfing.

These professional bloggers put my own little blog to shame. Where do they find the time to do all these projects, review all these items, and still care for their families (often including large numbers of children, some newborn!)??? My guess is that they don't have ADD. I am frequently awed by the amount of stuff that "normal" people can accomplish in a day. It is what will ultimately give me the motivation to get back to the neurofeedback to try again to cure my own ADD. But until then, my own blog will just have to document the few things that I do. Which is less likely to be a cool project (although I have been knitting a lot, I'll try to post photos soon but I always forget to take a picture of W wearing the new hats since I always pop them on his head just as we're heading out the door), and more likely to be a note about how I spent the entire day at home, yet managed to only get one load of laundry washed and dried.