Quilting Along

Now I've finished quilting all the squares on the short sides of the blanket, and one of the squares on the long side. I thought I might be able to get away with just quilting rectangles on the "flying geese" squares, since there are an awful lot of triangles if I quilt them all. But I did one that way, and it looked strange quilting over one of the points, so I ripped it out and quilted all the little triangles. I've only got three more of those squares, then the most difficult ones I saved for last.

I forget the name of the quilting pattern used for the last two squares, but it's a fairly complicated starburst thing. Not sure how I'm going to quilt that one, either. I think I can combine the "burst" spiky parts to a certain extent, but I don't see a way around quilting the million little points in the center of the square. Unless I do a completely different technique with these two squares, but since I'm doing every other square with an outline technique, I'm not sure it would look good to have just two squares quilted in a vastly different way from the rest.

When all the squares are done I've still got to quilt the edging. But I might do something very simple so it's possible it won't take that long. I still don't have a firm plan in mind, I'm hoping to get my idea while I'm quilting the squares. Sometimes if I just look at or handle a project long enough, the idea just pops into my head.