My GHIII Strategy

It seems nothing drives me to goof off more than setting aside the day to work on taxes. My goal was to finish up the 2006 amended returns today. Instead, I've done a bit of Guitar Hero performance analysis.

I put together a spreadsheet comparing my scores to the top scorer on the wii platform. Overall, I'm at 87% of his score. But I'm only 3% off his score on "The Metal" by Tenacious D. So presuming that I can get within 3% of his score on the rest of the songs (I'm still working on "Career-Easy" at this point, nothing harder), that would put me in the top 50.

I suspect there is a point of diminishing returns as the scores get higher and higher, and the time and effort required will outweigh my satisfaction. So I've set my goal to be in the top 50 for my GHIII Easy Career. I figure if I got within 3% on one song without losing any enjoyment in the pursuit, it's reasonable to assume I can catch up with the others in a similarly enjoyable fashion.

Although I am going to see if I can do a state search, to see who the highest-ranking player in Virginia is. If I can be #1 in the state, then I suppose I don't care so much about my world ranking.