One Mile Before Nightfall

I got a call from UPS, saying they were leaving a package for me at the edge of our road, since they couldn't get the truck through the snow. Around 2:30pm, W and I bundled up and headed off to get that package.

It never occurred to me that we might not make the one-mile round trip before nightfall. But by 3:15pm, we hadn't even reached our destination. Trying to lead a 1-year-old on a trip through open land is like trying to herd a cat. W kept going off on forays into the fields, in which he would invariably fall down. Once he even fell rolled far enough to get stuck under a fence near some briers. I didn't even hurry over to extricate him, I let him struggle a bit first. But even that experience was not enough to keep him from straying from the gravel path.

After I realized that at our current pace, we might realistically run into a nightfall issue, I called T from halfway up our road, and headed back toward the house. We wound up meeting about halfway up our own driveway, where T took W back to the house, and I went back toward the edge of our road to get the package.

Walking back alone, I got to observe all the footprints in the snow. Mine were basically in a straight line, but then there was this little pair of miniature boot prints going across the road, to one side, over to the fence, up the grass, back on the road, doubling back the wrong direction, etc. It reminded me of those "Family Circus" comics that had the footprints going all over the neighborhood.

I guess I'll focus on getting W used to the walk to the mailbox and back home. That's a half mile. And only after he's well used to that will I attempt to walk him further. And when it's time to walk to the end of our road again, I'll make sure I start in the morning, and pack a lunch. . .