Decorating the Tree (Video)

T set the tree up yesterday, but didn't get the decorations out of the garage until last night. I started decorating the tree this morning. I put up all the lights and garland and neither T nor W took any special interest.

I put up a few ornaments this afternoon, and again, they boys stayed away. But when I started putting on more ornaments this evening, W decided it was time to help. He wasn't quite able to hang any ornaments himself, but he did like running to the box and handing me new ones. He moved much faster than I did, so he did help speed the job along.

I have lots of non-breakable plastic ornaments since over the years the cats broke nearly all the pretty glass ones that could be broken, and I just replaced them with non-breakables. But it seems I must have doing a red ornament theme when I got these, since I have boxes and boxes of red ornaments, but no other colors. Maybe I'll do a little shopping next year and get some colored lights and multi-colored ornaments (still non-breakable, I figure W will be dropping them for several years yet), to mix it up. I've been doing white lights for, oh, eight years at least I figure and I'm ready for a change.