Started Baking

I finally started baking Christmas cookies this afternoon! I got two pans of Magic Cookie Bars done. One is gone already, between what I left for the mailman and what we ate this afternoon (T had a friend over after they finished hunting).

Once I get started, I like to make at least one batch of treats per day for the 12 days of Christmas. But since I'll be out of town for a few days, I'm starting early. Maybe tomorrow I'll bake snickerdoodles.

I finally took care of all the presents for out-of-towners, tomorrow I'll finish up wrapping, etc. for the gifts for the people I will see over the holidays.

I checked the mail at 6pm and the only thing in there was some junk mail from the dish network. It was way back in the box, I thought maybe the mail hadn't come yet today and that letter was just one we missed yesterday. But when I went back out at 7pm, the box was still empty. Maybe that's all the mail we got today? It seems unlikely, but possible. If my Christmas cards don't arrive tomorrow, I guess they won't even be postmarked before Christmas since we're not getting the mail delivered before the post office closes, I can't even hope for same-day turnaround.