So Cute In The Big Bed

I never remember to write things down on the calendar when they happen, so I don't know exactly how long W has been sleeping in the big bed.

I do remember one night he was having a hard time going to sleep, and I was in the room with him. He got up and pointed to the big bed, and I asked him if he wanted to sleep in the big bed by himself, and he did his little nose-wrinkling sniffing thing which he does in lieu of nodding his head "yes".

The "big bed" is the double-bed we have in the nursery, what we were previously using as our guest bed. It's not nearly as high as our newer bed in the master bedroom, but it's still farther than I'd like him to fall. But I wanted him to go to sleep, so I put him in there. First, I went and got a big body pillow and jammed it between the mattress and the wall, since I know he has gotten himself stuck there before when he'd nap on that bed. Then I pushed his toddler mattress on the other side on the floor, so at least if he rolled off the big bed he'd hit a mattress instead of the floor, which I could live with.

He's been sleeping in the big bed ever since then, he shows no interest in his toddler bed anymore. To my knowledge, he's never rolled off the bed, either. He still wakes up during the night from time to time, but I just walk him back to bed. With the toddler bed on the floor, he can climb into and out of the big bed easily. But I don't like to step directly on the baby mattress myself, since once when I was on the floor I put my arm on that bed to push myself up and my elbow ripped the cover. So I figure putting my full body weight on my foot might rip the cover if I stepped on it, too. So I'm considering putting the toddler bed away somewhere so it's out of the way, but I've got to make sure W can still climb up and down if the little mattress isn't there.

While W doesn't seem to roll out of the big bed, he certainly does roll around a lot in it. Tonight when I went in to check on him before I came to bed myself, he was sleeping parallel to the headboard. He's so short, he fits in any direction. But he wasn't under the covers, so I think part of the reason he wakes up overnight is because he moves around so much he gets out from under the covers and then is cold. So I left him in place, but pulled the comforter up over him. He wasn't using any of the pillows tonight, but sometimes he does. It's really cute to see this little tiny baby sleeping in a great big bed. Sometimes I wonder about SIDS and all that business about not putting your baby in bed with blankets and pillows, but he seems to be fine with it all. He doesn't seem to me to have any problems pushing all the covers off himself, he just doesn't seem to be able to get back under them on his own. Or maybe he doesn't want to be under the covers because he's hot. I don't know, the boy doesn't speak coherently so I have no idea.

The only downside to this is that now we don't have a bed for guests when they visit. I think I'll get one of those blow-up beds. We do have the sleeper sofa in the lounge, but it's old and of questionable comfort (although for just one person, I find it quite comfortable to sleep on in its regular sofa formation).

What we really need is a guest house. T was just talking about it this past weekend. Of course, he was getting all jazzed up about the space he envisioned using for recording with his band. I told him we'd build the guest house and first outfit it properly for guests, and only after he actually had a band (whose members want to practice way out here) would we worry about outfitting the space for performance and recording. While we haven't had many guests since W was born, I suspect we will have even fewer instances of band practices, but I have no problem with T wanting to dream about that, as long as he doesn't expect me to plan the decorating around it until it's actually necessary.