A Full Day Off!

All day yesterday I was feeling so run-down and miserable from having a low-grade cold for something like three months now. I think I was healthy for one week in November, but other than that I've been sick for a very long time now. Not sick enough to be bedridden, but sick enough that I just go through my day not feeling very good. Sneezing, coughing, stuffy head, the symptoms vary from week to week, but there's always something.

Last night I told T that I really needed some time to really rest so I could see if I could maybe recover fully. Today, I just never got out of bed. Physically, my symptoms are a little worse than usual (I just knew something was up yesterday when I felt so bad), but emotionally I'm feeling a bit less irritable and miserable after a full day of rest.

I rarely got out of bed all day. I tried to nap with W at naptime, but he'd gotten himself so riled up after spending the morning with T that he wouldn't settle down with me, so T took him at naptime, too. And T cooked all three meals for us today.

I will see if T is willing to take care of W tomorrow, too. Two days of rest might be necessary, since I have been feeling lightheaded when I do get out of bed. But I don't want to press my luck with T-- it won't be restful for me if I can hear him yelling at W all day long. I'll just continue to take it easy tonight and try to drink more fluids, and hopefully I'll feel better in the morning.