Back To Baseline

Ah, I'm back to my baseline level of illness. Which is to say that I don't feel well, but I vary between miserable and functional. At least I am out of bed. I cooked breakfast and was able to sit and read some stories to W. I will go to the dentist this afternoon, but T will take W to his first music class so I can get some more rest.

I've started taking Elderberry supplements. T ran into one of my midwives at the Whole Foods yesterday and when he mentioned that I had a cold, she suggested I start on these supplements. If they are the reason I feel better today, I'm pretty impressed, they work fast. I will keep taking them, and will also try to get extra rest every day in an effort to get completely over this multi-month cold.

T suggested that for a while he'll be the one to take W on outings, and then I'll watch him at home in the afternoons. It's true that the outings wear me out-- it's mostly all that getting the boy into and out of the car seat, but T is going to move it from the center seat to next to the rear door to make it easier. We'll see how this goes today-- W is usually very good when I take him out, but when we've been out as a family he acts up because T is around. But since he's been spending more time with T in the past few days, he's settled down a bit. Either that, or T is adjusting the way he interacts. It's hard for me to tell because I don't observe them directly. Yesterday when I was most sick it sounded to me like they were getting along better since I didn't hear T yelling much at all. However this morning I heard T yelling on two separate occasions; since I was feeling better I went downstairs the second time to go get W. That's when we came upstairs to read books. W also went right down for his nap today, he has been too riled up the past two days to nap, so this is a good thing.