Some Drama At Music Class

It felt strange watching T drive W up the driveway on the way to music class this afternoon. I am usually the one going to the toddler stuff with him, not T. Although I was feeling better today, I was still glad for the chance to get a few more hours of quiet rest, so I'm glad T was able to take him.

When they got home and told me how the class went, I found out there had been a little bit of drama. One of the early songs involved very loud acting out of sneezes, and this freaked W out. T said he burst into tears around the 6th sneeze or so, and T had to carry him out of the circle and go look out the window to distract him.

Also, T reported that W was very fearful in general for the rest of the class after that. T carried him when it was time to go around the room in a circle. W also wouldn't go into the center to get his rhythm egg or drum, but did play them after T brought them over.

It doesn't sound to me like his behavior was very much different than it would have been if I were there. Possibly I might have been able to diffuse the sneezing situation before W got really upset by it, but I'm not certain of that, sometimes just weird stuff will set him off. T did say that he himself was slightly uncomfortable with the whole class since it reminded him of when he was a toddler and afraid to join in group activities with lots of other kids. W might have been picking up on T's unease, but it's hard to say. W is often a bit inhibited the first several times he's in a new group activity, so I'm used to that, too.

I am somewhat taken aback by the amount of materials they've sent home for the parents. I knew there would be some stuff, but there is a lot of reading material! I guess I didn't fully realize that this is a curriculum of preschool music. T told me he was impressed by how comprehensive this program is. I guess I'll try to read the parent materials tonight to figure out what the big deal is. On the plus side, we are joining in the first semester of a nine-semester program. The whole thing takes three years to work through. I honestly have no idea if we'll stick with it that long, since the parents go to the classes along with the children, I suspect I'd get bored with it. There is some variation from semester to semester, but by and large I think the basic format of the class is the same.