William Is Still Sick

Poor W has been sick for several days now. He has been sleeping only fitfully overnight, so Wednesday night I slept with him in the nursery, and last night I stayed with him until 2am when T came in to relieve me. T is sick, too, and he figured since he wasn't sleeping either, he might as well let me get some rest so I could watch W during the day.

T slept until noon. I had W from 7:30am on, but he was so enervated he wasn't too difficult. He also hasn't really been eating very much for the past few days. We've been able to give him a lot of milk, at least. I got W to take two naps today, which wasn't hard given how little continuous sleep he got last night.

T went out for "errand day" yesterday, since I didn't want to drag W around when he's not well. Today we all stayed home. Hopefully tomorrow W will be well enough we can take him out to do something, he hasn't been off the farm since Tuesday afternoon and I think he's getting bored.

T and I managed to watch a movie last night, but just barely. W kept crying out so we'd have to pause it to go settle him down. Poor kid really isn't feeling well, and I'm not sure what his bug is. He's got a runny nose, but his appetite and digestion also appear to be a bit off their normal, although he's still drooling a lot so it might be teething. I have long ago lost track of how many teeth he has so I can't be certain of teething, but at any rate it won't be long until I can be certain it's NOT teething since almost all his teeth are in now.

W is already in the bath now, so hopefully he'll settle down quickly to sleep once I get him in bed. But I can't really count on that, the way he's been tossing and turning every time he lies down. Even his naps have been fitful.