Baby #2 Due June 1st, 2011

Many readers know this by now, but I don't think everyone who follows my blog knows that Terry and I are expecting another baby later this year. So here's the news!

I've kept the news off my facebook profile just because of all the other pregnancy news flying around there. I get tired reading status updates reminding the entire world how many more weeks until the due date, describing in detail the current tests you're getting done at the doctor, etc. So I'm not going to bore others with that info. Not that I'm not willing to bore anyone with that info, because I did just announce it here on my blog. But you have to be reading my blog to find this out, so already you have a greater interest in my life that 90% of my facebook "friends". Everyone in my entire high school class need not follow my every gestational milestone. The ones who would be interested in that sort of thing do check out my blog from time-to-time.

I didn't really publicize the pregnancy much until now in general because it hasn't had a huge impact on my day-to-day activities. Except as already noted-- I suspect some of you might have started wondering what was up once I started reporting daily naps of an hour or more.

I had the quickening a few weeks back, but just this week the activity in my womb has really started to pick up, and I feel that baby wiggling around pretty often. So I might want to start mentioning what's going on with the baby in my blog, now that there is some action.

Everyone always asks if we're going to find out if we're having a boy or a girl, but I'm still not sure. I am going to get an ultrasound this time around, but even if Terry and I decide to find out the sex, I don't think we'll be sharing that information, so it will be a surprise for everyone else either way. Same with the name-- we'll probably have a name picked out before the birth, but we'll announce it when the baby is born. These decisions are all mine, if you want to blame anyone, T would broadcast the news all over, but I don't want to hear the inevitable commentary that would go along with it. Pretty much the same reason I don't mention my pregnancy until it's totally obvious-- I find it dull and repetitive when the first thing anyone asks me when they see me is, "how are you feeling?". Which is starting to become pretty common now that I'm showing more.

For the record, I'm feeling really good, now that my cold is gone. I think that physically, this pregnancy has been much like the first. Maybe fewer back aches this time since my vertebrae already know which way they're supposed to adjust. But mentally, this one has been significantly better. I attribute that to having better brain chemistry this time around-- I got pregnant shortly after my depression was cured from neurofeedback and I was off all meds. That rush of hormones at the beginning made me so happy this time! I think last time my hormones weren't in alignment both from the fertility treatments and the antidepressants.

I put a ticker at the bottom of the home page of this blog, so anyone can tell at a glance (myself included) how far along I am. As of today, I've got 138 days to go, I just passed the halfway point.