I don't know how to incorporate *everything* onto this one site now (and am not sure if I want to do that anyway), so here are some links to my "pages" on various other websites:

Here's my page on Ravelry, a knitting & crocheting website where I keep track of things I've made. It's useful since it's a place to record what size needles you used with what yarn and what pattern, in case you wanted to make something again you'll already know your gauge.

I just found the digital wedding album I made years ago. It's got music and a scrolling invitation and stuff. It takes a little while to load, and I don't have one of those "loading" countdown bars, so you'll just have to be patient. But it's basically a digital replica of my actual wedding photo album including just the best photos.

MrsThorsen Channel on You Tube

Here's my Guitar Hero profile page.

I want to eventually move my photo-blog here, but for now here's Heidi Sees which I update less often than I used to, but at least every entry has a photo. . .

I have some photos posted on the bed-jumping website. Here I am at the Viceroy, Hilton Hawaiian Village