Ugh, Baby Up Til 10

I guess it's our payback for W crawling into bed early the past two nights. Despite him being initially asleep by 7pm, he has been very restless and up every hour or so after that. But tonight he just wouldn't go to bed, so we let him stay up, and he didn't get tired until nearly 10pm.

I'm not sure if I'll to go in there with him again tonight. He's not snuffing and snorting as much tonight as he has been with his cold. We've really not been able to clear his nose much with the "schlurper" on this particular illness, so he just rattles and makes all kinds of noise which is part of why he's not sleeping well, I'm sure. T started off in there with him last night, but W was making so much noise that he couldn't stay. It was hard even for me to fall asleep, and I can sleep through a lot more commotion than T can. My sleep machine is still hooked up in the nursery, so on one hand it would be convenient enough to go back in there, but on the other hand, my own bed is far more comfortable for an adult. I'll probably stay up just a little longer myself, and if W isn't waking up continually I'll probably try to sleep in my own room.