In Bed Until Noon!

OK, so maybe there was a silver lining to W's insomnia last night. T and I were both up at least once putting him back into his room (this even after the 10pm bedtime), but then it wasn't so bad this morning.

W came pit-pattering down the hall to us at daybreak, like usual, and once the sun is up he's allowed to come in bed with us. Usually he just squirms and fusses until we get up, rarely he'll go back to sleep. But today he was actually cooperative about going to the potty (I guess he's usually cooperative, but it comes with a lot of whining that was absent today). Then he wanted milk, and although he usually doesn't get a morning bottle, since he hasn't been eating well we're giving him lots of milk, so he got that.

Then he slept until around 7:30am, when T got up and fed him breakfast. I slept in. Both boys came back up here after they ate, and I contemplated taking W to the early Mass, but he was still acting sick and fussy so I decided against it. Instead, W was pretty content for me to read him stories and sing to him, still in bed. Oh, and he had brought a hand puppet into bed with him, so we played with that, too. But it was horizontal parenting at its finest-- T went back to sleep next to us, and I got to entertain W without getting out of bed at all.

Then around 10am W started acting sleepy, and wanted more songs, so I switched to all lullabies or ballads, and he drifted off to sleep (as did I). T and I woke around noon, carefully crept out of bed without waking W, and fixed ourselves some lunch. W is still sleeping now! So we've had a pretty easy morning to make up for his antics last night. I guess things are meant to even out like this.

I'm going to go to the 5:15pm Mass myself, but I'm not sure if I'll take W or not. It's usually too close to dinner and bedtime for him nowadays, but with him sleeping so much today, who knows? I told T I'd just see how he's acting around 4:30pm when it's time to leave the house. Since odds are still good that I'll leave him home, it'll be my job to watch him the rest of the afternoon so T can have some time to himself before he takes over this evening.

It's not too cold today, so I think maybe we'll go for a walk, or at least play outside. We haven't been on a long walk for a very long time. Now that W realizes the alternative to riding in the stroller is walking, he seems more content to ride in the stroller than he used to be (he was fussing so much trying to get out of the stroller, it was one of the reasons I started walking him instead).