Going To Florida

We finally picked dates to go to Florida to visit T's mother, it'll be toward the end of February. It was a nuisance scheduling around T's latest Rock Academy, but there was one time when we could get decent airfare (our days of flying free are over, alas).

After totaling up our spending for the year 2010, we decided we need to pay a little more attention to our expenses, and we could definitely learn to travel a little cheaper. It will be less convenient (the flight times for FL, for example, are less than ideal for taking a toddler in transit, but we'll just hope for the best), but doable. Another example is that we'll probably rent an apartment in a walk-up when we go to NYC rather than in an elevator building. T has consented to carry W up and down the flights of stairs himself every time, since there is just no way I would do that in my 3rd trimester. Plus we'll drive. Although that was my preference before T decided we needed to budget. The last time we flew to NYC I remember it being quite a headache managing the baby and the bags together through the airport and through town, even with cabs or car service. Whereas when I had the car in the city last summer, it was relatively easy except for finding parking, but it will be easier with T along for the trip since W and I will just always stay together, leaving T to deal with the car alone.