Slight General Progress & Finished Quilt

Despite staying in bed until noon today (yay!), I made some slight progress on several fronts at home.

When I took W outside to play this afternoon, I took advantage of the time he wanted to spend puttering around my garden to putter around a bit myself. I removed all the cornstalks and nearly all the dead tomato and pepper plants and tossed them in the far compost pile. There's still a lot of work to be done to prepare for my grand plan for this year's garden, but it's in waaay better shape than it was at this time last year. If I can just work on little bits here and there while W amuses himself (today he found the sprinkler wand and was walking around pretending to water the cats and fill up flower pots and whatever stray buckets were around the garden) then I'll be in good shape for spring.

The Christmas tree is still standing, but I am one step closer to getting it down-- T brought in the containers for the decorations from the garage. Three days after I asked him to do this 5-minute chore for me, but at least I can get started undecorating now. Better late than never. Our cedar this year has held up remarkably well-- virtually no dropped leaves (or needles, whatever they're called, I'm not sure) and it doesn't look too dry which is weird considering we never bothered to water it. But they are water-loving plants, and there was probably plenty of fluid sucked up in its trunk when we chopped it down.

But my biggest progress is finishing W's baby quilt! I kind of stalled out while quilting the edge. I decided to quilt it in squares since I thought that would both look nice and keep the batting from getting clumpy-- an issue since it doesn't go evenly all the way to the far edges. But it was a tedious task so I kept putting it off. Tonight, I started around 8pm, but wound up putting it off AGAIN when T interrupted me to make travel plans. But by 11:30pm I just grit my teeth and determined to get it done. And now it's done! All that's left is to wash it to take away all the chalk marks. I'll have to see how it fits on his bed.