Too Unusual To Comprehend

I had an interesting experience this afternoon. I switched to the 3:30pm music class for William (the kids are uniformly sweet and well-behaved in this class, I am SO GLAD I made the switch). The owner's wife was there with their kids, and I was chatting with her after class. Allie's daughter was missing the ballerinas who are usually practicing in the next room over when music class is done, I guess they peek through the window. They did not have class today since the classes follow the school holidays, but the music class went on since the instructors' kids are too young for school, so this sort of thing doesn't register for them (many of the other teachers at OCSA have school-aged kids, so can't teach when their kids are home). I mentioned that I was glad my ballet teacher reminded me that there was no class today, since it wouldn't have occurred to me that this would be a holiday, either.

Which is when the music class owner asked me how many kids I had, did I have one who was in the ballet class? I said, no, I just have the 1.5 kids now, both too young for ballet, but I go to class on Thursday nights. She says, "oh, you teach a ballet class here?"

No, I take a ballet class here. I think she asked me again at that point if I had a daughter in a night class. Allie overheard and was laughing. I hadn't thought it was that inconceivable that I would be in a ballet class myself, but I guess it is just that hard for others to comprehend. Sure, I don't look like the stereotypical ballerina, but then neither do any of the other women in the class (with the exception of the teenagers, who generally do look the part). I gave a glowing recommendation of the Thursday night class for beginners. The woman seemed intrigued. They do the adult classes on a drop-in basis so you can just try a few out and don't have to commit for a whole session, so it's a pretty low-risk thing to try, and there are women who just show up very intermittently. However, I am actually starting to make noticeable progress with my technique, so I am pretty psyched up to continue and improve. By the time I'm ready for the intermediate class, I'll actually be able to do some combinations that look like an actual ballet dance if any asks me to perform a few steps. Now it's still all I can manage to do the drills, but I'm getting better at them, so I think I'll be ready to move on by fall. I will probably take most of the summer off since nursing takes up so much time and energy.