. . .Because Mommy Would Freak Out!

That all I overheard T telling W this evening while I was upstairs at my sewing machine. I stopped to think a minute about what might possibly be going on downstairs that would make T exclaim that to our son, but decided I really didn't want to know. I finished the project I was working on. Besides, I figured that T vastly underestimates what it would take to freak me out. There is a significant amount of unexpected chaos that happens throughout the day that I neither tell T about nor report here, to support the illusion that I am a really good mother. But one thing I learned in cognitive behavioral therapy, is that it's rarely useful to "freak out" about anything. So I just fix the damage and move on, and don't dwell on it.

But when they came upstairs, I did ask T what had happened, out of curiosity. He said that W was walking around with chocolate on his face and hands.

I told him that it probably would have been more accurate for him to have said, "that will really annoy Mommy", it's hardly cause for "freaking out". Although if I had left W with T for a long time, and come home to discover that W had been walking around with chocolate on his face and hands FOR HOURS and there were chocolate-stained items in every single room of the house, then that would be worthy of a freak-out. Not that I'd be mad at W, he's just a baby and doesn't know any better, but I'd be livid that T was so inattentive that he wouldn't notice something like that. I grant T a certain amount of laxity, such as, for example, feeding W a treat while not sitting at the table, and not wiping his hands and face within milliseconds of him finishing the treat. I'm not happy about the resulting messes, but they're clearly in the "annoying" category most of the time. I'd have had a heart-attack by now if I was so high-strung I would freak out at every instance of child-rearing that was not to my personal ideal (especially since I fall short of that ideal on a regular basis).