Took The Tree Down Today

Although the empty boxes for the ornaments and other tree decorations had been sitting the hallway for days now, I hadn't felt like dealing with any of it until this morning.

W and I managed to get everything down off the tree fairly quickly-- he got all the ornaments off the floor and the low branches, and I got everything off the top. He was much better at taking the ornaments off the tree and putting them in the box than he was at putting them on the tree.

A little extra motivation was that today was cleaning day, and I wanted the tree out of the house before the maid cleaned the downstairs, so all those needles and things would be gone.

So that was my big accomplishment for the day. One of my only accomplishments, really, but I'll take it. T is nearly done with the retaining wall around the amphitheater at our park. I sat down there a bit this morning, and again with W this afternoon. When it comes to landscaping, I really need to spend time in the physical location where the work will be done in order to plan it out. I have a hard time working it out on paper first. FIRST, I have to sit where I can see the location to be planted out, and imagine the plants, trees, and shrubs that I want to see there. Only after I have the vision in my mind's eye can I sit down and plan it out on paper. And even then, it's usually after I've already measured the physical location and translated that to scale. I guess I just naturally imagine things at 100% and my imagination doesn't convert well to a smaller scale.

But I'm started to get a pretty good feeling about the park-- enough of the topography is in place now that I can better imagine the plants and trees that I want to see. There will be a lot of specimen plants with different textures. Those are fun for toddlers. Lambs' ears, pussy willows, etc. I'm pretty sure I'll use boxwood as the main shrub around the formal garden to tie everything together. But the plan is still very much in flux. I'm only just now starting to get short visions of the finished project, more like glances, the vision is far from complete.