Still Napping?

I think W and I picked up another cold when we went to the kids' museum on Tuesday-- I started feeling bad yesterday and sneezing up phlegm today, and W's been sneezing a lot, too. T couldn't believe I took W to "that cesspool of disease" and now I think I probably will try to avoid the place until cold season is over. But what else are you going to do with a toddler until it's warm enough for the park again?

I was tired by 10:30am, so I made W go down for his nap with me at that time. I figured we could get a good nap and still make it out in time to do a little shopping this afternoon (the place I want to go closes at 5pm). But it's after 2pm and he's still sleeping. I'm loathe to wake him since he probably does need extra rest, but we still need to eat lunch, get dressed, and travel 45 minutes to get to the store. I suspect that yet another day will go by where I don't get to run this errand.