I Think I've Been Here

I saw this chart on a friend's blog, and thought I'd make my own. But when I was filling in states, it was hard to remember which I had actually been to. So I just guessed, rather than obsessing over it. For example, I can't recall specifically going to Alabama, but I've traveled around the southeast by car, and it makes sense that I would have at least driven through part. But I did leave Kansas off, since although it is conceivable I would have gone through there at some point, I also recall generally favoring a pass through Texas if I was in that part of the country. One day I'll put together a scrapbook of my first major cross-country trip (something like 1994 or 1995, I don't remember exactly). That'll jog my memory a bit. Then there was all the business travel that came later. That was by air, flying in and out of cities, and I really lost track of it all. T did far more business travel than I, since I just picked and chose the places that were interesting to me, mostly spending time in various cities in CA and FL plus Chicago & Boston.

visited 41 states (82%)
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