Signed the Pond Contract

I am very excited for my dream of having my very own pond to become a reality! We've wanted to put a pond on the farm since we bought the place back in 2003, and I think it was sometime around 2005-2006 when we firmed up the plan and location, but yesterday I actually signed a contract for construction!

Construction should start within two weeks, but progress will definitely depend upon the weather. They can't build the core of the dam during freeze-thaw overnight cycles, so who knows when exactly they'll be able to work on that. But they'll have to come out and clear some more trees and brush, limb up some other trees to accommodate the larger equipment they'll bring in, and do core testing to make sure we've got a high enough clay content to avoid needing a liner (we already had core testing done a few years back, although the @#$# landscape architects didn't get a written report so it turned out to be useless for us now). So even if the dam can't be built right away, there is other work to be done.

Regardless, the pond will definitely be ready for recreational use this summer! We'll have a nice shallow entry and sandy beach area perfect for toddlers, with plenty of nearby shade since we'll be able to save a large hardwood on that side of the pond. It was slated to be removed per the original pond design, but we figured out a way to keep it by pushing the dam itself back to quite near the property line and putting the tree on a peninsula next to the beach.

We can definitely get a stroller down the utility path (we've done that several times with W in tow already for planning), but it's a long walk from the house since the entrance from that direction is halfway up the driveway. There will definitely be another path more directly from the house, but I don't know that it will be stroller-ready this season, because we need to build a bridge to get to the beach area from the house. Either that, or walk over the dam, but that will also be kind of a hike from the house, perhaps equal to the distance up the driveway, but there is a chance it will be less steep. But there would be more risk of poison ivy going through the field.

We'll probably put off constructing outbuildings until next year or later. We're leaning toward putting the gazebo on the steep bluff overlooking the pond, but we'll only know for sure where we want it after some time hanging out down there in the summer, determining where the sun/shade is at different times of day, if there are any particularly scenic directions we'd want to orient a porch, etc.