I've found the key to using up leftovers is to make them different each day (or at least, after you are bored with the original version). Tonight my family (self included) was particularly pleased with my KFC innovation.

I got a bucket of original recipe chicken on Sunday, and although we've been snacking on cold chicken since then, I didn't want it hanging around in the fridge any longer than today. So first I tore all the leftover chicken (crispy skin and all) off the bone and into bite-sized pieces. It was a fair amount of chicken, probably two to three cups.

I made some egg noodles, and lightly tossed them in butter and salt.

I chopped up 1/2 an onion and sauteed it in about 2T of butter. Then I added about 1T of flour to that to make a pseudo-roux (since the butter was in the onions and not separate I just stirred the flour into the soft onions and went with that). I also added a splash of white cooking wine (I'd have preferred to use plain white wine, but I haven't kept any open bottles in the house in months) to thin it all a bit.

Then I put the chicken bits into the pan along with some heavy cream. I'm not sure how much cream I used, maybe a cup. Enough to fill the pan 1/2" and mostly cover the chicken. If I didn't have cream that needed to be used up soon, I would've used milk or half and half, anything would work, you'd just have to cook it down a little longer with the thinner liquids. I simmered the chicken in the cream for several minutes (on low heat) and then added some black pepper to taste.

I served it atop the egg noodles, but it would also be good over toast. This is my new favorite way to use up leftover fried chicken.