NYC Trip Booked!

I just reserved our room for our annual NYC trip. Several rooms, actually. I've been searching for reasonably-priced hotels or vacation rental apartments since none of our friends can do a swap on the dates we need to go (we must schedule around my annual doctor's appointment at Sloan-Kettering). I was despairing that I'd find anything suitable, but just tonight I'm glad I clicked on a "winter special" blurb. I couldn't believe it when I saw the deal, but it seems to be legit.

We're getting a TWO-BEDROOM suite in an executive hotel for a lower nightly rate than I had been previously able to find for even a regular hotel room. There are cheaper room rates in the city, but I don't even look at the icky hotels. After so many years of nice hotels while on business travel, neither T nor I are keen to downgrade too much. But even within this hotel, I didn't find a good rate until I saw this special and with the code, voila, the two bedroom suite wound up being the least expensive booking. Bizarre. But I took it!

We'll be staying in Murray Hill. It's a neighborhood to the east of midtown (we're around 40th & 3rd Ave). We haven't stayed there before, so it will be interesting. Since we don't try to fit in a ton of touristy things every day, we don't mind staying in residential neighborhoods at all (if you were intent on seeing all the sights, the location could be inconvenient). On the contrary, since we'll be looking for parks to play in and grocery stores to stock up at, the residential neighborhoods tend to be more convenient for us. Not to mention quiet-- a concern when we'll try to get W asleep by his regular bedtime. We might even be able to find street parking! That's a big cost savings if you can manage it. Although I wouldn't recommend trying this unless you've lived in Manhattan with a car before, and know the intricacies involved since it can be very complicated.