We Saw the Fetal Wiener

I went in for the sonogram today, and when the tech asked me if we wanted to know the sex, I said only if it's extremely clear. Well, she put the still image up and I had to giggle, the legs were spread and my baby's man-parts were clear as day. So a boy, it is!

I wasn't going to tell people the sex of the baby, but T wanted to, so why not? Neither of us grew up in a family with two boys, so we're not quite sure what to expect (although T's sister has two boys, so we get second-hand reports). From the parenting magazine articles, I guess I should be on the lookout for rivalry issues with two boys close in age. I am thoroughly delighted for myself, since I love the idea of having two boys, but I am a bit sad for T, since he really wanted a little girl to dote on. It's too soon to completely rule out the possibility of a little girl in the future, but from what I hear raising two little boys really wears a woman out, so we'll just have to wait and see.