Oh Yeah, Healthy

Like, duh, perhaps I might state the real results of the sonogram? We didn't get it primarily to know the sex of the baby, we only did it since we're planning another home birth and wanted to rule out even small-odds surprises. Since we found out with W that even if there is a problem with very low odds, it still can affect you!

But we got some great news-- little baby 2.0 (let's call him b2 for now) looks healthy as can be. His heart valves are all functioning normally with no leaks, and the doctor was going on about ventrical or mentrical or something which I had no idea about since I don't remember much biology beyond the parts of a cell. But the gist of the conversation was that although you can't really see a hole in the heart with a sonogram, this ventrical thing is a clear indicator, and because it was "displaced" properly it meant there was no hole. The doctor said that the results of this exam show that b2 is free of 95% of heart defects, and the other 5% that is not able to be known at this time is minor stuff, nothing that would preclude a home birth.

Plus the head was perfectly shaped, which rules out 99% of spina bifida. And the fingers on the hands were well-aligned which I think he said makes Down Syndrome unlikely since those babies usually have their hands curled up in a certain way in the womb. The other organs looks fine, the spine and neck look fine, the limbs are all normal.

The baby is measuring a little large, which is the same thing the midwives told me last visit. They guaranteed I would not have a little 6 lb baby like I had hoped for. They said the smallest I would likely get is 8.5 lbs, but it would more likely be a 9 lb baby. The doctor today asked how big W was, and when I told him he said that he thought this one would be about W's size, too. Having pushed out an 8 lb 15 oz, 23" long baby already, I'm not afraid to do it again. Can't say it was easy, but it should at least go a little faster this time around.

The doctor also commented how many referrals he was getting from the midwives, that their business must be booming. I said I wasn't surprised, given the c-section rates in our local hospitals (around 36%!!!). He then went on about how awful it was and if only there was tort reform then that rate would plummet. He says the doctors are all scared to NOT do c-sections since it costs $1 million just to defend a malpractice lawsuit even if the doctor wins and if they just section everyone then they don't risk that. He also said he thinks home births are a perfectly safe option and thinks it is very reasonable that more women are choosing that route. And he confirmed that my baby looks like a great candidate for home birth, so it was a very reassuring conversation.