Quiet Day at Home

Yesterday was pretty miserable for me, since naptime was a disaster on which I won't bother elaborating. Although I did feel better after ballet, so only the afternoon was ruined.

Today, however, was a new day. We got off to a slow start because W slept in (yay!), and T went down to cook us breakfast when W and I were still in bed at 9:30am (double-yay!). There weren't any late-morning baby activities to attend anyway, but I thought maybe we'd go to "storytime yoga" at 3pm. But naptime today went fine, but we would have had to rush a little after lunch (because W ate lunch after his nap today rather than before) to make it downtown in time. But since W didn't seem excited by the prospect of a trip out of the house and was playing happily at home, I blew it off. We got in a full 30 minutes of our own storytime on the sofa this afternoon. W was eager for more, but I was pretty bored of it by then (you go through a LOT of board books in 30 minutes!), so I was glad when I convinced W that it was then time for him to read his books and leave me in peace to read my book. He kept crawling up and down all over me on the sofa while "reading" one book after the other, but to his little toddler credit he did pretty much allow me to relax and read the paper on my Kindle.

I also kept the house clean for an entire day after the housekeeper cleaned it! T asked how I managed that. I didn't wait for the dishwasher to fill up completely, I washed the dishes after lunch. I made W stay in his dining chair until the table was wiped clean and the floor was swept (W wasn't thrilled with that, but neither did he protest too much). Let's see, I also had him sitting on a step-stool from which he was afraid to get down by himself while I cleaned the kitchen after lunch. I'd never put him on that before, so at least it was a novelty for him and he sat still compliantly, if nervously.

I didn't let the toy room get too out of hand. I made W put each book back on his book cart when we were done. When I saw more than 10 toys out on the floor, I took a break to instruct W where to put them away. That's about it.

But since I explained that to T, I also explained that if I could keep the house clean while watching W all day, he should be able to do the same. So when I come home from my knitting workshop tomorrow evening, I expect the house to be as neat as it was when T came down for dinner tonight. He grunted, but he'd better try. Hopefully the weather will be decent so they can play outside a lot.