The Same, Only Taller and More Coordinated

A friend just posted a slew of baby photos online of her not-yet-one-year-old. I'd forgotten how much babies change in appearance in the first year!

Looking back at photos of W from this time last year (I really need to stop procrastinating and pick some good ones to make into an album. . .), what I find interesting is that while his "look" hasn't changed dramatically, his height and physical coordination certainly have.

In February 2010, I have a video of him struggling to crawl from the floor onto a 4" mattress on the floor. Now he's running all over the place full-speed ahead, and climbing up onto sofas and things.

Every day he seems to get a little taller. He's long outgrown every 18-month pants and many of the tops, but today we put him in a 24-month romper, and even that is too short for him now. I guess I'll be stocking up on 2T clothes now. Although there are still lots of 2T pants that are a little too big for him when he wears disposable diapers; the waist fits fine when he's in cloth, which is most of the time; we now put him in disposables if we'll be out all day for our own convenience. Some of the 2T pants are too long and we've got to roll them up, but at the rate he's growing, I suspect the length will self-correct fairly soon.

W's improvements in coordination are also surprising to me. He used to not be able to get packages open, but now he can open zip-lock bags, regular sealed plastic bags (like for crackers), and some lids. Which means I need to get serious about putting the door lock on the pantry unless I want to walk into a total mess one of these days. Fortunately, W is pretty well-supervised so it's not like he catches me by surprise, but he's less easily distracted than he used to be, so I have to spend a little more time actually getting up off the sofa to get him out of trouble. Well, to get him out of curiosity-- it's more usually a situation of housekeeping inconvenience he gets himself into rather than actual "trouble", which I'd consider putting himself or even property in danger. Mostly he's just interested in doing things that make a mess.

Fortunately, with the weather warming up I can give him more opportunity to make his messes outside. He happily played in the dirt today (he got COVERED with dirt, like a little piglet!) when we had to go out to discuss some pond issues with the guy working the excavator. We've also got enough of the gardening tools put away for the winter (and W is walking well enough that he's not as much in danger of falling randomly on sharp objects) that the yard is largely child-proofed immediately around the house, so I was able to set a chair in the front yard where I could see for about 50 yards in either direction while reading the paper and simultaneously keeping an eye on him while the boy ran hither and yon.