We're the Mysterious Neighbors

I took W for a stroller walk today with my next-door neighbor, and we ran into our across-the-street neighbor on the way back. Apparently, our project has been the subject of much speculation and mystery for our neighbors.

Ann said that she and Jim saw all the equipment going down the road onto our property, but they couldn't figure out what we could possibly be doing. She knew we were expanding the orchard, but didn't think we'd need bulldozers and excavators to do that (correct-- T just uses the bushhog to clear the land, and a giant auger attachment on the tractor to dig holes). Then they wondered if we were doing something to the driveway. A good guess, but there's nothing wrong with our driveway so that wasn't it.

She was surprised when we said we were putting in a pond. Everyone always wants to know where exactly we're putting it when we tell them. That's understandable-- there isn't an obvious place for it within view of the house, and I think most people imagine putting a pond near the house so they can enjoy the view of it from indoors.

But it is precisely because of all the hills that we've come up with an even better place for the pond-- because the low spot on our property is significantly lower than up by the house, and well into the woods, that it is noticeably cooler down there, even on the hottest summer days. And now with a pond to dip into, it'll be a wonderful refuge for us during the summer. If we put it up by the house, I'm afraid it would be too hot to really enjoy and we'd spend more time looking out from the air-conditioned house than actually out playing in it. So for our purposes, farther away is better. We'll enjoy the view once we get down there.