W's First Dry Day!

W kept the same diaper dry ALL DAY today! There have been plenty of times he'd only go through two diapers during the day, but this was the first time that he did not wet his diaper at all.

This is awesome. The kind of developmental milestone I can really get excited about. We haven't really been doing much by way of "training" him, either. Just the usual putting him on the potty throughout the day-- I generally make him sit on the pot every time I have to go, since this makes sense to me and is convenient since I'm in the bathroom anyway. He doesn't "notify" us very often that he has to go, but I guess I just put him on the pot often enough today that he made it all the way through. Although I can't say that he had more bathroom opportunities than usual, I guess he just was better at holding it in until he made it to a bathroom than usual.

I have been telling him that he won't have to wear diapers anymore if he can keep them dry, that he'll be able to switch to underpants once he goes two days with dry diapers. And today was day 1. T and I gave him a big ovation when we took off his diaper before his bath and it was still dry. I can't say that I'm expecting we'll get two days in a row right off the bat, but I am hopeful that dry days will happen with some frequency now. And if so, then it would appear that having one child out of diapers before the second arrives could be a very realistic possibility for me.

W is still going to have to learn to take the initiative (instead of just holding it until we take our mutual potty break, he should let me know if he needs to go sooner), so I'm not sure where he is with that. When the weather warms up I'll experiment with letting him roam pants-free (at least outdoors, if not inside) with a potty nearby to see if he can figure out to go use it if he knows he doesn't need me to help him get his pants down.